Building Wildlife History

Building Wildlife was originally established to receive monies resulting from development having the potential to impact on Special Areas of Conservation(SACs) and European Protected Species (EPS) where there is no suitable alternative and to distribute the monies to projects which will benefit the SACs and the species.

The name, 'Building Wildlife' was proposed to emphasise the interrelationship between development and nature conservation Building Wildlife became a Registered Company - Building Wildlife Trust - in 2010 and then in 2016 received charitable status.

In 2021 the Objects of Building Wildlife were reviewed enabling the charity to hold and distribute funds benefiting a wider range of species and habitats in North east Wales considered of principal importance through wildlife legislation in Wales.

It is operationally trading as ‘Building Wildlife’ which defines its remit fairly broadly, allowing it scope to support wildlife conservation and promote good practice in connection with building development and other human activities/ land uses.

The Building Wildlife Board

Building Wildlife comprises a board of trustees, who ensure the overall operational functionality of Building Wildlife through a steering group. The Board is responsible for deciding what they wish to take forward in line with Building Wildlife's objects, and agreeing the mechanisms for their delivery. Their remit includes requesting advice on technical, procedural, or administrative issues and the representation of BW at meetings, seminars, events, and conferences.

You can read more about our trustees and who they are on the 'The Board' page.

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Building Wildlife was originally proposed by a local authority biodiversity champion to emphasise...